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Trias Media Group Expands Polish FAST footprint

The Trias Media Group is expanding its activities in Poland with further exclusive streaming offers, in particular with additional FAST (free ad supported television) and YouTube channels.

These include the new streaming brand ROYALWORLD (, which is now also available in Polish language as a YouTube channel as well as a FAST channel.

With the streaming brands GRJNGO (, BIGTIME (, MOCONOMY ( and ARTFLIX (, Trias Media Group has been successful in Poland for years, now with over 250,000 YouTube subscribers and a few FAST channels on e.g. RakutenTV.

The special feature of these streaming activities in Poland is the exclusivity of the programs offered. This is because all films and documentaries are provided with Polish voiceovers by the in-house dubbing studio, to which no one else but the Trias Media Group has access.

This continuous expansion of the range of exclusive content has enabled Trias' Polish streaming services to record strong growth in terms of reach, user behavior and sales.

About TRIAS MEDIA GROUP: Trias Media Group ( is a German film investment holding company specializing in the creation of film companies in the streaming sector. The group has a strong presence in the Video-on-Demand (VOD) and Free Ad-Supported Streaming TV (FAST) area. Trias Media Group manages and develops several streaming brands that operate worldwide specialized channels such as “Grjngo” for western movies (, “Moconomy” for economic and financial documentaries (, the feature film channel “Bigtime” ( and Royalworld (, which focuses on documentaries, series and feature films on royalty, nobility and dynasties. The Group operates its channels in multiple languages (up to 9 languages per channel) worldwide and has expanded its reach by onboarding FAST channels in various countries on numerous CTV platforms (e.g. Samsung TV Plus, Plex, TCL, Amazon Freevee, Vidaa, LG Channels, Rakuten TV, etc.). The Group also uses its global YouTube channels in 9 languages with a total of over 9 million subscribers to collect important usage data and develop strategies for its VOD and FAST services. Trias Media Group is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ondarza Capital.


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