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Western Channel GRJNGO now on LG Channels in UK

Amogo Networx, the global film network based in Germany, is set to launch a FAST channel for western movies on LG Channels in the UK.

“We are very pleased to announce our partnership with LG as we have gained another major player in the international FAST market to further increase the reach of our successful Western brand GRJNGO,” said Amogo’s CEO Dr. Peter von Ondarza.

GRJNGO ( became the world's largest streaming brand for Western movies. The FAST Channel is available in 6 languages.

Information about Amogo Networx:

Based in Germany, Amogo Networx ( originally began building its suite of branded channels on YouTube, scaling its worldwide audience to 7 million subscribers, with over 1 billion movie views per year. Channels under their umbrella include "Grjngo" (, the world’s largest western movie brand, the mixed feature film channel "Bjgtjme Movies” (, the financial documentary channel "Moconomy” (, and Artflix" (, a movie channel for classic movies with a unique selling feature of in-house AI-based colorization and restoration of black & white movies. All channels are distributed in various languages (English, German, Spanish & Polish), some of them also in Italian and French.


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