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Trias Media Group with 5 FAST brands worldwide

Germany-based Trias Media Group (, a film investment holding company, has launched 5 FAST channels in 6 languages in 12 countries in the last 12 months.

Apart from the channel Bigtime (, a general feature film channel in 3 languages, Trias Media Group focuses on niche topics with the aim to build up a high degree of specialization and market entry barriers.

For example, Grjngo ( probably has the world's largest and most exclusive range of US-western and spaghetti western films in 6 languages, while Moconomy ( is currently the only channel for financial and business documentaries. The channel Artflix ( focuses on in-house colorizing of film treasures and Charlie ( on silent films.

After building a large reach for these topics with corresponding revenues, Trias Media Group began generating its own exclusive content, first by dubbing in various languages and then by producing its own originals.

The platforms on which the channels can be found include Samsung TV Plus, Plex, LG Channels, ROKU, WaipuTV, Zattoo, YouTube and many more.


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