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Trias Media Group sells German AVOD streaming brand NETZKINO to Swedish Embracer Group

Potsdam-based film holding Trias Media Group GmbH ( has sold its German-language business to Swedish Embracer Group. Through ist Munich-based subsidiary Kochfilm GmbH the group has acquired 100% of the shares of Spotfilm Networx GmbH, which owns the well-known German streaming brand "Netzkino" ( Spotfilm ( specializes in the operation of German-language streaming services and VOD advertising marketing.

With this lucrative tradesale Trias Media Group thus parted with its purely German-language activities and is now concentrating on expanding its international streaming brands. This does not include the German-language VoD market segment "Kids", which Trias Media Group serves via its subsidiary Kixi Entertainment GmbH ( under the VoD brand "Kixi".


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