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Trias Media Group cracks 10 million subs on YouTube

The Trias Media Group ( operates YouTube channels worldwide for feature films and documentaries in 9 languages. It has always been the world's largest feature film channel operator on YouTube and has then increasingly built up niche channels for documentary programs. Now the Trias Media Group is pleased to have more than 10 million subscribers with its channel offering on YouTube.

Trias' best-known channels include GRJNGO (, the world's largest western film channel, the feature film channel BIGTIME ( and the classic film channel ARTFLIX (, each available in numerous languages. There is also a wealth of niche channels with special interest line-ups, such as the world's largest channel about royal families and noble dynasties ROYALWORLD ( or the financial documentary channel MOCONOMY (

In addition to the licensing business, Trias' specialty is the 2 in-house dubbing studios with which the group can currently cover 9 languages. In addition, the Trias Media Group has also established itself as a production company for TV and digital programs in recent years and can therefore generate its own exclusive content for its channels.

In addition to YouTube, almost all Trias channels are represented as "FAST" (free ad supported television) offerings on various CTV platforms worldwide (Samsung, LG, ROKU, TCL, Titan OS, Freevee, Hisense Vidaa, etc.).


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