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Trias Media Group: 9 Mio. Subscribers Crossed

Trias Media Group (, the largest German multi-channel operator for streaming channels (FAST & VOD), reached more than 9 million subscribers on YouTube in 2023.

Trias Media Group operates streaming (VOD & FAST) channels worldwide, including Amazon PRIME, SamsungTV Plus and e.g. Rakuten TV as well as YouTube.

The Trias Media Group's global YouTube channels (currently 10 streaming brands in 7 languages each) are an important part of this, in particular for collecting important usage data and developing corresponding strategies for VOD & FAST.

With more than 9 million subscribers (YouTube only), the Trias Media Group can draw on brilliant data and is thus uniquely positioned in the streaming market.

A correspondingly strong further expansion of its streaming footprint is consequently part of the holding company Trias Media Group's central strategy for the upcoming year 2024.


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