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MOCONOMY launches on Roku

Moconomy launches on Roku. Users from North America & Germany can now stream exclusive documentaries for economic & finance topics.

The MOCONOMY Roku channel is the next step of AVOD movie service operator Amogo Networx of expanding it's reach beyond YouTube.

The streaming brands of Amogo Networx ( have become famous on YouTube in the last years where the company has succeeded more than 7 million subscribers and over 1 billion views on its movies. BJGTJME (, a feature film AVOD channel has been the starting point from where Amogo Networx developed a bunch of other niche channels such as GRJNGO ( which quickly became the worlds largest channel for western movies or MOCONOMY (, a documentary channel for economic & finance topics. Furthermore the company runs ARTFLIX ( as a channel for movie classics including colorized black&white movies. All channels are operated in 4 languages and cover worldwide territories.

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